Eve 2000

Eve 2000

Code: 10117

Dimensions:W: 15cm (5.9")H: 20cm (7.9")

£1,100.00 Approx $1436.03, €1292.6, py6 91666.67

Since gaining her B.A. Hons degree in fine art at Sheffield Art College, Hilary Baker has continued to be inspired by the human form, the character and likeness of the individual, and the story of humanity.
 This inspiration has led Hilary to gain an international standing and reputation as a painter and printmaker, with her personal and commissioned work being collected not only by individuals, but also by companies and institutions around the world.
 Some of Hilary's pieces are currently housed in the National Portrait Gallery, London, the E.E.C., Strasburg, Perth University , Australia, to name but a few.
 Hilary's collection of etchings and mono-prints are part of a series of personal work following the theme of Adam and Eve.

Monotype – one of a kind print made by painting on a sheet of metal or glass and transferring the still-wet painting onto a sheet of paper by hand or with an etching press. Monotype printing is not a multiple-replica process since each print is unique.